Meeting Scheduler

will close October 17

   September 27, 2021   (12H00 HK Time)      |   Blocking of Timeslots
   September 28, 2021    (12H00 HK Time)     |   Setting up meetings



Be on time and manage your schedules well : Start promptly out of respect for other attendees’ time. Make sure you follow the timetable set out in advance. Go through your meeting schedules beforehand and TAKE FULL CONSIDERATION OF THE DIFFERENCE IN TIME ZONES. Log in to your meetings prepared and all set-up to minimize delays.

Test your devices and network : At least 30 minutes before your virtual meetings start, make sure your equipments are working and your network connection is stable. You may want to conduct online tests on your devices before your sessions to make sure both your webcam and microphone are working properly.

Mind your microphone : Set up your meeting room to an ambiance that keeps background noise to a minimum. If you are listening to speakers’ presentations, you may want to mute or turn off your microphone. Avoid noisy activities like taking crunchy snacks or typing while your microphone is on. Speak up clearly and watch how fast you talk. Always speak at your normal voice, you don’t need to emphasize by speaking out loud.

Turn on your video : Since everyone present in the online conference is separated by distance, the best thing you can do to make everyone at least feel like they’re in the same room is to use video and share your active presence. Sit or stand somewhere with a neutral and clean background. Position your camera on a steady surface to prevent shaking and avoid discomforts.

Focus on your meeting : Refrain from multitasking while video conferencing. Stay away from distractions like having side conversations. Focus on your online meetings by turning off notifications, closing or minimizing running apps, and muting your smartphone. Refrain also from replying to emails while you have ongoing meetings, this way you’ll get more of your discussions. For successful online conferencing, always be attentive and stay engaged in the entire length of every meeting session.



Dress the part : Dressing professionally is a must. We recommend dressing as you would if you were meeting the other participants(s) in person.

Work from a quiet, carpeted room : Carpeted rooms with soft furnishings tend to create the best audio during web conferences. If the room you're calling from is not carpeted, putting a rug on the floor and some floor pillows will reduce reverberation and will create a warmer sound signature.

Look at camera, not screen, when talking : While looking at someone's image is perfectly natural (what we do in person), looking instead at your camera will make it seem like you're looking directly at them, which creates stronger connection.

Raise your webcam to eye-level : Ensure your webcam is at eye level so your image will look more natural, as if you were both sitting across from each other at the same table.